U-CON 2000 Modular Weighing Control
System with SCADA Interface
  • High Accuracy load cell indicator - transmitter
  • Proven design and reliability
  • Hopper, silo and crane weighing
  • Up to 4 relay limits
  • Analog output 4 - 20 mA
  • IP65 Enclosure

Technical Information

The U-CON 2000 is a multi-channel control system that can be configured and expanded to suit specific application requirements, including control and portioning of raw materials batching and blending, filling machines, process control and plant performance measurement.

The U-CON 2000 features a 32 digit dot-matrix display with LED backlighting, providing excellent day and nighttime viewing. The character size, of 9mm, provides readability up to 9 meters. A 5 character LED display is also provided. A menu driven sealed membrane keyboard is used. Keyboard calibration facilities include automatic setting of zero and span. All the normal calibration facilities including programming of zero tracking, decimal point, units of measurement and moving average damping are supported.

The LAT2101 MODULE interfaces up to 4x 350 ohm strain gauge load cells. The load cell signal is converted to a resolution of 20,000 counts internally. Linearity is better than 0.02% of the load cell FSD range. The module accepts 24 V dc pulse input and provides a power supply for digital tachometers in the frequency range 50-1000 Hz. Two analogue output channels of 4-20 mA for control or remote indication of variables are provided with a Zero stability of better than 0.005% per degree Centigrade and a Span stability of better than 0.005% per degree Centigrade.

The CPU2001 MODULE consists of Mitsubishi M16C microprocessor with up to 128k of program memory capacity and 128k of working and calibration memory.

The module's working memory is backed by battery to retain data in the event of a power failure. Two serial communications ports are supplied namely of RS232 and one RS422 port. These ports are freely programmable from the system keyboard. Baud rates of up to 19200 baud can be implemented. The RS232 port normally supports a printer or serves as a short communications link while the RS422 is normally used for long distance communicatio or in a distributed network system. Four digital inputs and four digital outputs are provided on this module.

The ADF2316 MODULE consists of sixteen analogue input channels of 4-20 mA or 0-5 V inputs with a conversion resolution of 12 bits.

The DIO2216 MODULE features 8 digital inputs each capable of receiving 24 V dc. Each input is optically isolated to 15000 V. Eight optically isolated digital outputs, each capable of delivering 24 V dc, are supplied.

The U-CON 2000 MODULE is packaged in a 19" X 3U-rack mounting, 240mm deep or in an IP55 wall mounting enclosure.

The PSU2012 MODULE uses a switch mode power supply which operates from 110 or 220 V ac delivering 12 V dc at 5 Amps.