Technopark Automation & Control has supplied the Calculus range of electronic weighing equipment to the material handling and processing industries for the past 39 years. During this period we have acquired a proven track record for accuracy and reliability.

We are proud to launch the newcomer to our portfolio, the MiniMax-100, which is compact with all the required peripheral and software features to cover most weighing system controller applications. With this new product we can further assist our clients in achieving higher levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability through accurate measurement and control.


  • Belt weighers & weigh feeders
  • Blending & batching systems
  • Loss-in-weight feeders
  • High speed filling systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Special applications on request

Technical Information

Enclosure DIN Rail mounted ABS
Power Supply 90 - 240 V a.c. 50/60 Hz 7,5 VA
Display 16 characters X 2 lines 5,5 mm character height
Keyboard Sealed membrane keyboard
Load Cell Interface Up to 4 X 350 ohm strain gauge load cells via high resolution Sigma Delta A/D Converter. Provision for 4 or 6 wire cable connections 5 V d.c. excitation
Analog Outputs 2 X 4 -20 mA current outputs
Serial Ports 1 X Magnetically coupled RS232 communications port up to 1M Baud
1 X Magnetically coupled RS422/RS485 network port up to 1M Baud
Real time clock Battery backed real time clock
Digital Inputs 8 X 24 V d.c. Optically isolated inputs
Digital Outputs 8 X 24 V d.c. Optically isolated outputs
Tachometer 1 X 24 V d.c. Optically isolated input for frequencies up to 1 kHz
Size (w x h x d) 155mm X 85mm X 65mm
Shipping Weight ± 500g