An example of a batching plant
where conveyor belts are used

Technopark Automation & Control and its predecessor Calculus System Project have been involved in batch and blend plant automation including fertilizer, asphalt, frozen vegetables, and chemical industries, to name a few, since 1981. During this period we have developed our technology focusing on accurate weighing and comprehensive management reporting. Our equipment is reliable and together with our backup support, provides a long term solution to our clients, both in South Africa and overseas.

Principle of operation

An example of a batch
blending/mixing plant

Weigh batching and blending systems are used to proportion raw materials in a specific ratio. In case of blending systems it is performed over a continuous time period whilst in case of batching systems a given amount, or batch of product, is measured off and mixed. The whole process can be automated including weighing, mixing including heating and cooling.

Batching and blending systems normally comprise a recipe based control system with user interface, SCADA, PLC and weighing controllers like the M-CON 2000 and C-CON 2010. Typical products could be powders, liquids and granular products.

Weigh batching and blending system components can often be broken up into major and minor ingredients. Care must be taken in the mixing process that a consistent homogeneous and accurate final product is produced.

The different batch ingredients are measured by load cells, belt scales, control valves, screw and vibratory feeders as well as flow meters.


The main objective of the weigh batching and blending control system is to measure and control the proportioning of the raw material mix to a high accuracy to ensure consistent and accurate raw material composition and quality. A further benefit of weigh batching and blending systems is to provide traceability and recording of raw material and final product produced.

High levels of accuracy are achieved through the combination of software, electronic technology and mechanical design features.

Our design philosophy is to follow a modular approach so that the systems lend itself to future upgrades and expansions.


Technopark Automation & Control offers management reporting software packages to report on raw material consumption versus total product produced. This also includes diagnostic tools for trouble shooting and optimization of the batching and blending plant.

Management reporting forms an important part of the control system to provide the client with product traceability and diagnostics for optimizing the process and ensuring that the final product has consistent quality.