As System Integrators and Control System Specialists, Technopark Automation & Control and its predecessor Calculus System Projects, have build up a vast knowledge base of systems design and solution implementation over the past 41 years in industry.

Our applications have mainly been focused on the automation of materials handling and proportioning systems, including batching and blending plants.

TAC's scope of supply starts with very small control systems using our proprietary controllers, namely the C-CON 2010, M-CON 2000 and the U-CON 2000 Modular Microprocessor System to PLC and SCADA applications with large I/O count.

Our systems are usually done on a turn-key basis and include the design and supply of field sensors (such as load cells), measuring instrumentation, variable speed drives, belt scales, weigh feeders, mechanical design and fabrication, PLC, SCADA and database integration.

Our systems are user-friendly and provide users with useful management tools to optimize production and improve efficiency in their plant.

We are registered System Integrators for Adroit SCADA and can supply a variety of PLC's as part of our portfolio. LS (LG) and Allan Bradley PLC's are commonly used in our systems.

Through our years of activity in industry, we have acquired a host of application knowledge to share with our clients and improve their plant operation and efficiency, specialising in mass measurement, control and data logging.

The markets in which we specialize are mining, chemicals, food and the materials processing industries.