Technopark Automation & Control produces semi-automatic load cell based sugar bagging machines ranging from small bags 2, 5 and 10 kg, medium bags 25 and 50 kg as well as 1 000 kg bulk bags. Our bagging equipment can also be used in conjunction with other automated bagging systems.

Multi-head pre-weigher for the 1-2 kg sugar bags

Our sugar bagging machines are mostly gravity fed pre-weigher based for improved accuracy and throughput considerations. These systems normally comprise a feed hopper, sugar feeding system with gravity control gates, augers, vibrators and so forth. The sugar is then weighed off in a weigh hopper fitted with load cells and a suitable microprocessor controller like the M-CON 2000 or MiniMax 100.

The weighed off sugar is then discharged into the selected bag. Hereafter the bag is closed and transported away on a conveyor for palletizing.

Technopark Automation & Control produces packing systems for both refined and brown sugar.

1 ton sugar bagging machine

Our sugar bagging machines contact parts are SS316 or SS304, depending on customer requirements. Structural components are fabricated from painted mild steel.

The bagging machine controllers used by Technopark Automation & Control, namely the industry standard M-CON 2000 and MiniMax 100 are designed to interface to all the pneumatic components i.e. cylinders, load cells and data communications functions for comprehensive management reporting facilities.

Management reporting is available to reflect individual bag masses, hourly, shift, daily and monthly totals. This information can then be written to a data base to make management reporting even more powerful.

Technopark Automation & Control can supply turn key solutions for your sugar bagging requirements including basic design of structural and weighing components.

Our sugar bagging machines can also be fitted with complete dust extraction systems to provide a clean and safe working environment.