Due to the high intrinsic value of the product, it is required to weigh the product to high accuracies i.e. down to 3 decimal positions of a gram.

Filling of gold powder with accuracies
up to 3 decimal positions of a gram

In order to achieve this, it is required to consider the materials handling properties of the product and means to feed the product so that these high levels of repeatability and accuracy are achieved. Force balanced transducers have to be used instead of load cells. These devices are capable of resolutions of up to 1 part in 100,000 where normal strain gauge load cells will only achieve up to 1 part in 4000. The control systems used on these filling machines are also fitted with sophisticated algorithms to ensure that every amount weighed off meets the accuracy required.

Expertise Required

Considerable engineering expertise is also required to design the mechanical handling and feeding devices of the powder and grain gold product. This expertise had been developed in our company over the past 41 years in industry. Applications of this nature are designed in conjunction with the client technical team and our own engineers for the specific applications.