Two stage filling line for
liquid agricultural chemicals

Depending on the degree of automation, our systems are either semi- or fully automatic, including features like automatic presentation of the empty drum, single or two-stage filling depending on the accuracy and speed requirements, capping, labelling, printing and stacking.

Paint filling line with automated
container indexing

The use of our proprietary filling valve allows for fast cleaning and low dripping, maintaining a clean filling station.

The filling machine is normally controlled by the M-CON 2000 microprocessor which also provides extensive management information reporting.

Filling liquid products by mass

Semi-automatic filling machine
for 5L & 20L paints

Some liquid products are filled with a nominated mass indicator on the container, which makes it impractical to use volumetric filling methods should there be variations in the density of the product. Gravimetric filling machines will ensure that the net mass of the container is always correct and in accordance with trade requirements.