The SP5 pack grain bagging machine is a semi-automatic system which comprises a feeding system, a net pre-weigher with high accuracy load cells and the powerful M-CON 2000 controller. The M-CON 2000 controller has been proven as an accurate and reliable weighing system in the field. The bagging machine can also be supplied with a bag closing device, such as a stitching machine or a heat sealer. A pallet wrapping machine can also be provided.

Small pack
grain bagging machine

This packing machine is aimed at the small pack market ranging from 2, 5 and 10 kg bags. Other capacities like 25 and 50 kg can be accommodated with other products supplied by Technopark Automation & Control. Selection of the bag mass is easy and requires a simple keyboard adjustment from the operator.

Our grain bagging equipment is suitable for any free flowing granular grain product like corn, wheat as well as beans, rice and seeds as well as legumes such as lentils can be packed by the SP5 grain bagging machine. Technopark Automation & control can also assist their clients on a turn key basis with the layout and design of the overall bagging plant, if required.

Grain bagging machine
for 50 kg bags

Contact materials of construction of the SP5 grain bagging machine is stainless steel or painted mild steel.

The SP5 grain bagging machine is designed and produced in South Africa. Maintenance is easy with all spare parts available from our factory.

The SP5 grain bagging machine can be expanded to provide comprehensive management reporting to reflect bagging system throughput over hourly, shift, daily and monthly periods. This information will reflect bagging plant efficiency over the nominated time periods.