Carousel filling system for
4kg granular chemicals

The simultaneous actions that can be performed during filling include weighing of the product, compaction or deaeration, and the removal of the filled container or bag from the carousel. This allows for a high throughput rate of the bagged or filled product.

Equipment that is used in conjunction with the carousel filling machine includes multiple electronic weighing devices or volumetric filling units to measure the product being filled. The number of such units is determined by the throughput requirement and speed of the carousel. The exact number will be determined by our design engineers when designing the carousel filling machine.

The weighing system consists of pre-weigh hoppers with load cells, automatic feeding system and electronic control unit. Vibratory mechanisms are used for compaction of the product to ensure optimum use of the container volume. A suitable ejection mechanism is used to remove the filled container or bag from the carousel.


A carousel is normally a compact filling station which produces a high output rate in a small floor space in a factory. Various design features are available to ensure an efficient and productive filling station. Carousel fillers can be used effectively on powder, granular and liquid packaging lines with great success.