Bulk bag filling system for
500 & 1000kg fertilizer

The bulk bag filling machine can comprise a net pre-weigher, that weighs off the product before being discharged into the bulk bag, or a gross weigher which weighs the products as the bulk bag is being filled. With the former type of pre-weigher system, it is possible to achieve higher throughput speeds and filling rates due to the fact that the product is being weighed off while the bulk bag is placed in position and removed after filling.

Our microprocessor-based measurement equipment and precision load cells provide accurate filling of every bulk bag. Extensive management reporting information is also available to reflect the product consumption per bag as well as the overall production rates and efficiencies of the filling machine.


Provision is also made for the following functions and facilities:

  • Liner inflation so that the bulk bag is properly formed before being filled.
  • Bag bottom forming will provide a bag bottom that is firm and square for stacking purposes.
  • Compaction of the product in the bag to get rid of trapped air in the product and improve stacking characteristics.
  • Supply of heavy duty conveyors to serve as a magazine for the filled bags and speed up the bulk bag filling process.