This kind of filling machine is typically used on products like flour, maize meal, sugar, salt and so forth.

Auger feeder on a 1 ton
bulk bag filling system

One of the benefits of an auger filling machine is that the product is contained within the auger and therefore dust that emanates from powdery products will be contained, except at the point of discharge. An agitator is often used at the inlet of the auger to assist with the flow properties of the product and to prevent bridging and rat-holing from taking place. Auger fillers are used for both volumetric and gravimetric filling applications for both low and medium speed operations.

Method of Operation

A single auger with variable speed drive or a dual auger can be used to feed the product from the storage hopper to the filler weighing mechanism. Accurate delivery of the product to the weighing system is achieved by feeding the product at two delivery rates, namely a fast feed initially and then a slow speed or trickle feed towards the end of the weighing cycle. Compensation is made in the electronic control unit for the amount of in-flight product to achieve optimal accuracy. The remainder of the filling machine consists of the weighing mechanism and also a method to transfer the weighed product into the bag or container.