Our portfolio ranges from multi-head filling systems for 1 - 2 kg bags of sugar to filling systems for 25 and 50 kg bags of fertilizers and 500 - 1000 kg bulk bag filling systems for granular products.

In terms of liquid filling systems, TAC offers solutions for quantities ranging from 0.5 up to 1000 litres. This includes 200 litre drum and 1000 litre flexi bin filling solutions. Our filling systems are based on gravimetric mass measurement, incorporating a variety of different load cell and feed systems designs.

We have also supplied filling machines for hazardous applications.

Bulk bag filling machine for 500
& 1000 kg fertilizer
Paint filling line with automated
container indexing
Carousel filling machine for
4kg granular chemicals

The success of our filling machine applications is attributable to effective integration of specific material handling properties with sophisticated methodology which has characterised the systems developed by our company over the last 41 years. Our expertise extends to the development of high accuracy filling machines and we have catered to precious metal industries in the processing of products such as pure gold powder. These systems offer measurement accuracies of as low as +- 0.05% of throughput, providing the client with an extremely accurate accounting tool.

Pre-weigher for 25kg &
50kg fertilizer bagging machine
Multi-head pre-weigher for the
1-2 kg sugar bags

Considerations for selecting a filling machine

The justification for installing an automated filling machine ordinarily revolves around two considerations, namely labour saving through automation, and saving of raw material through improvements in filling accuracy. Such improvements are normally sufficient to motivate such a machine where financial payback of less than a year can be achieved.

Our engineers will take account of the plant layout, throughput and accuracy requirements, as well as labour minimisation. Additional factors such as environmental requirements (such as hazardous area specifications) will also dictate what equipment will be used in the system design. Additionally, it is also customary to supply our clients with comprehensive management reporting systems for the various filling machine installations.